1. gravity, Physics. gravitation; weight, heaviness, force; compression, density, denseness.
2. coercion, constraint, compulsion, force, coaction; duress, obligation; persuasion, inducement, insistence, armtwisting; urgency, provocation, requirement, ne-cessitation, necessity, necessitude, need.
3. stress, tension, strain, heat, drain, drag, charge, tax; burden, Archaic. burthen, cross, encumbrance, cumbrance, trouble, vexation; All Inf. squeeze, crunch, pinch, push; load, weight, millstone, albatross.
4. oppression, persecution, subjugation, enslavement; harassment, dogging, hounding, tormenting, bullying, intimidation, browbeating; cruelty, severity, harshness, hardness.
5. influence, power, potency, force, strength; control, sway, Inf. jawboning, mastery, hold; guidance, leadership, direction.
6. coerce, constrain, compel, force, drive, press, oblige, hustle, railroad; impel, urge, impress, provoke, instigate, exhort; goad, prod, egg on; influence, act on, play on, work on, Inf. jawbone; incite, rouse, arouse; cause, require, exact, necessitate, make; persuade, induce, prevail upon, insist upon; pin [s.o.] down, Inf. shove or ram down one's throat; apply pressure, Sl. lean against or on, get on [s.o.'s] back, armtwist, twist [s.o.'s] arm, put the screws on or to, Inf. strong-arm, put the heat on, squeeze; bribe, blackmail, buy.
7. tyrannize, terrorize, threaten, bulldoze, dragoon; bully, hector, torment, harass, abuse, taunt, tease, bullyrag; intimidate, browbeat, cow, frighten, terrify, petrify.

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